Mixer Truck 101

Everyone has seen them. They are driving around subdivisions and up and down the highways just about every day of the year. Concrete mixer trucks come in all shapes and sizes worldwide. There are two major types of mixer trucks, front discharge and rear discharge mixers. The more common at this writing are rear discharge mixers. But who makes rear discharge mixers? Everybody knows the names of the most common heavy-duty trucks. They are manufacturers like Mack, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, Autocar, Freightliner, and others. But all of these manufacturers make class 8, heavy-duty trucks, but none of them make mixer trucks. Truck manufacturers make just the cab & chassis, but what makes a mixer truck, is the body added on the back. The body type bolted on the back determines the type of truck you wind up with. If you add a mixer assembly, you have a mixer truck. If you add a dump body, you have a dump truck. Add a trash body and you have a garbage truck, and so on. There are several manufacturers of mixer assemblies. They are McNeilus, Continental, Kimble, and others.

Concrete mixer trucks can haul a maximum of 10.5 cubic yards of concrete typically. For most of the typical jobs that happen with homeowners, this volume is more than enough. Whether you are replacing your sidewalk, or re-pouring your driveway, a single mixer truck is usually plenty. For larger jobs like roadways and bridges, they just send multiple trucks. So why a heavy-duty truck? Wet concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, and water. As such, it is very heavy. The typical mixer truck can haul about 45,000 pounds of concrete.

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